It is with much excitement that Barbosa and Company Residential Leasing offers property owners a Long-Term Tenant & Residential Leasing Solution. If you are like many of our clients, you may want to take a “wait and see” approach to the real estate market but would like to gain revenue during that time. Our services allow you to maximize the profits you make from your property with tenancy.

Our absolute priority as your Residential Leasing company is to protect your investment… your property. To that end, we go to great length to select qualified & responsible tenants that will respect your property like it was their own. We require first and last month’s rent, and security deposits from tenants and also conduct extensive credit and background checks. We conduct periodic inspections of your property to make certain it continues to remain in good condition and treated with care. We of course will also serve as your liaison with the tenant, with contractors, and with anyone involved in the general care of your property.

If you have interest in renting your home, please call us directly at, 435.645.8900. We will meet with you at your property to determine the appropriate rental rate and learn more about your particular property.

We offer three different Residential Leasing Services:

  • Residential Tenant Procurement. Until we find a tenant for your property, you don’t pay a dime. Your obligation is to simply sign a brief marketing agreement that allows us to advertise your home in print and on our website. Upon securing an appropriate tenant, you then sign the Residential Leasing Agreement. This latter agreement, with Barbosa and Company Residential Leasing, outlines the commitments for both parties. With the Tenant Procurement Service, we are responsible for securing an appropriate tenant, conducting all credit and background checks along with employment verification and lease execution. You are responsible for the property and tenant management upon tenant occupanc. For this service there is a one-time charge of the first month’s rent. There are no monthly fees and no costs to you once the tenant moves in.

  • As Needed Property Services - Ala Carte. Many of our clients have special needs for their properties that may arise and we are happy to manage services that work best for specific properties. We are here as your resource should issues arise with the property. These ala carte services are discussed on a “case by case” basis with a rate appropriate for the time and task required. This service is ideal for second home owners or for owners who already have a tenant and would like assistance in maintaining their home, or just need assistance “once in a while”. This type of structure assures home owners that they are only paying for our assistance when they need us!