Barbosa  and Company  Residential Leasing utilizes many different mechanisms to ensure your property is effectively marketed to potential long term renters. The long term rental market is very dynamic and we rely heavily on our local network of agents, media, and other rental agencies to ensure your property is visible. Barbosa and Company Residential Leasing utilizes the website to showcase your property, pertinent facts and photos that will help us educate potential renters on the offering. We utilize a professional photographer to shoot your property for this website, and with your consent, will place a Barbosa and Company, "For Rent" sign in front of the property to capture drive bys.

We only ask you sign our initial marketing agreement with you that you allows us to market your home "For Rent", and then, when we are able to secure you a renter, we have you sign our contract to proceed with the placement of the tenant in your home.

We utilize, Craigs List, the Park Record, and of course for Internet exposure.  Barbosa and Company Residential Leasing is also committed to harnessing  evolving technologies, like social media, for additional exposure of your property.  

Marketing has always been a significant strength of Barbosa and Company  and after more than a decade in the Park City market, we are very proud of the well established and highly recognized brand we have built. Because of our established real estate business, we have a unique networking opportunity where we are contacted by many individuals needing long term rentals or Residential Leasing services.